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SWG-PL light

White polyamide gloves, 13G stitch.

Price for 1 pair
Price 2.52 zł tax excl.
2.52 zł tax incl.


White polyamide gloves, 13G stitch.

Price for 1 pair
Price 3.02 zł tax excl.
3.02 zł tax incl.


Thick ecru cotton gloves. Stitch 7G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 2.27 zł tax excl.
2.27 zł tax incl.


Medium thickness ecru cotton gloves, 10G stitch.

Price for 1 pair
Price 1.76 zł tax excl.
1.76 zł tax incl.


Thin ecru cotton gloves. Stitch 13G

Price for 1 pair
Price 2.75 zł tax excl.
2.75 zł tax incl.


Ecru cotton-polyester gloves. Stitch 10G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 1.93 zł tax excl.
1.93 zł tax incl.

Uncoated gloves

Cotton, polyamide and polyester are the basic materials used to make uncoated gloves. The use of polyamide and polyester, which are elastic yarns, provides great freedom of movement. Therefore, gloves made of them are comfortable to use, and at the same time provide basic protection during many different jobs. What are Sungboo products characterized by?

Sungboo uncoated gloves

The uncoated gloves in the Sungboo offer are mainly cotton gloves of various thicknesses, as well as cotton gloves with the addition of polyester (SWG-C, SWG-S, SWG-G, SWG-MELS) and polyamide gloves (SWG-PL, SWG-PL light) . The first group consists of products that ensure high comfort of work for users. The latter, in turn, are more flexible and provide greater dexterity.

Our bestseller are the SWG-MELS gloves - cotton, quite thin, but reinforced with polyester yarn. As a result, they are light and airy, and at the same time they are characterized by increased durability. These gloves are used in many different jobs, and are therefore eagerly chosen by many people looking for basic hand protection.

Uncoated gloves made of polyamide yarn (SWG-PL, SWG-PL light) are also very flexible gloves that offer a large range of hand movement. In addition, they are non-dusting and can be used, among others, in varnishing. They are also used in the automotive industry and wherever it is important not to leave fingerprints on the elements you touch. At Sungboo, we only use the highest quality, soft polyamide, which increases the comfort of work for users!