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11N-PU08 ES

Light gray antistatic gloves, polyamide with carbon fiber, coated with light gray polyurethane (PU), stitch 13G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 4.40 zł tax excl.
4.40 zł tax incl.


White polyester gloves, coated with white polyurethane (PU). Stitch 13G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 2.99 zł tax excl.
2.99 zł tax incl.


Gray polyester gloves, coated with gray polyurethane (PU). Stitch 13G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 2.99 zł tax excl.
2.99 zł tax incl.


White polyester gloves, white polyurethane (PU) coated fingertips, 13G stitch.

Price for 1 pair
Price 2.38 zł tax excl.
2.38 zł tax incl.


Gray HPPE / glass fiber cut protection gloves, coated with gray polyurethane (PU). Stitch 13G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 11.28 zł tax excl.
11.28 zł tax incl.


Gray HPPE / glass fiber gloves coated with gray polyurethane. Stitch 13G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 9.90 zł tax excl.
9.90 zł tax incl.

11N-PU08 C

Black polyester gloves, coated with black polyurethane (PU). Stitch 13G. 

Price for 1 pair
Price 2.99 zł tax excl.
2.99 zł tax incl.

Polyurethane coated gloves

Polyurethane coated gloves are one of the most popular categories of protective gloves. They owe this popularity to their unique features. They not only effectively protect your hands while working, but also make it easier to perform. The thin layer of coating prevents objects from accidentally falling out of the hand, while allowing the hand to move freely. In addition, the outer, uncoated side of the gloves provides free air circulation and prevents sweating of the hands. All this means that users from various industries eagerly reach for them. What else do they stand out?

Where are polyurethane coated gloves used?

Gloves with polyurethane are characterized by a high level of abrasion protection - 3 or 4 - in accordance with the EN388-2016 standard. This makes them very popular and used in many workplaces, e.g. in the automotive industry, during car assembly (e.g. 11N-PU08 used in factories from the Volkswagen group in Poland), as well as in many other workplaces where large amounts of dexterity is important. Polyurethane-coated gloves make it easier to grasp small elements, which is why they are suitable for many precise activities.

Special features of polyurethane-coated gloves

The undoubted advantage of this group of products is that they are usually economic products. A small amount of polyamide yarn is used for their production, therefore their price is not high.

In the Sungboo range you will find polyurethane coated gloves in white, black and gray. The following models deserve special attention:

• 11N-PU10 - have a polyurethane coating only on the fingertips, which provides greater flexibility of movement during work;

• 11N-PU08 ES - these are gloves with an admixture of carbon fiber and have antistatic properties. Therefore, they are used in places where there may be a risk of electric discharge and explosion.