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Sustainable gloves containing recycled polyester and regular polyester in grey, blue, green and purple colour, coated with foamed latex in navy blue colour. 15G stitch. These gloves are packed in a set containing 6 pairs: 2 green + 2 purple + 1 blue + 1 gray.

Price for 1 pair
Price 7.46 zł tax excl.
7.46 zł tax incl.


Black bamboo fiber gloves, coated with yellow foamed latex. Stitch 13G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 5.41 zł tax excl. Regular price 6.02 zł
5.41 zł tax incl.


Blue polyester gloves, coated with black foamed latex. Stitch 13G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 6.53 zł tax excl.
6.53 zł tax incl.


Light yellow polyester gloves, coated with blue crinkle latex. Stitch 10G.

Price for 1 pair
Price 5.57 zł tax excl.
5.57 zł tax incl.

Latex coated gloves

Latex coated gloves are a very popular group of work gloves and protective gloves. The latex coating can be smooth, foamed or creased, and have a different thickness. They are characterized by a significant increase in adhesion to tools and materials and a high level of mechanical resistance. In addition, they effectively protect hands against dirt and moisture.

Where are latex-coated gloves used?

This popular segment of gloves is widely used in construction, paving, transport and warehouse works. Thanks to their universal features, they are also eagerly used by everyone who conducts various general and cleaning works. Protect your hands effectively during many activities with latex-coated gloves.