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About us

Dear Customers,

The history of our company is a great adventure. It was founded 28 years ago on the initiative of Bogusław Obst, an entrepreneur from Chełm, who together with his partner from South Korea, Jin Young Cha, established a production plant manufacturing winter gloves.

Sungboo products very quickly gained recognition on the Polish and European market. As a result of rapidly growing demand, the plant's production capacity was constantly increased. The number of knitting machines and other technical equipment was growing. Sungboo products i.e. fashionable winter gloves made, among others, of acrylic and wool yarn satisfied the needs of demanding Customers. 

After a few years, the company noticed the emerging market of protective gloves and made a strategic decision to start their production. Thus, having a well-established position on the market of fashion gloves, the company entered the new market of protective clothing. In addition to new knitting machines from a Japanese company SHIMA SEIKI, the Company installed the latex coating lines, which allowed to develop the iconic SWG-1 gloves, and thereafter, using other new equipment, the SWG-D, SWG-SFD, SWG-PSD and many more products.



After a dozen years of on-site production, we decided to transfer the making of protective gloves to Asia, which is the global centre of light industry, to become an even more innovative and technically advanced enterprise. We continue to manufacture SUNGBOO gloves and we hold the certificates issued for SUNGBOO by the leading notified bodies worldwide. We take advantage of our proprietary technical and engineering knowledge. In addition, we are currently designing and implementing new products on the market, featuring a very good level of hand protection and, what is also important, comfort of use. There is a lot going on in this area and it can be said that it is a real revolution.

Our main customers include wholesalers of occupational health and safety products as well as trade networks and companies supplying industrial, construction and transport companies, including from the automotive industry, household appliances sector, glass industry, agriculture and horticulture companies i.e. the end-users of protective gloves. We are also open to new projects and inquiries.

Please feel free to contact us..

Piotr Kowalski, CEO